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Transceiver is intended to concerned work with PC and sound card. This device opens up absolutely new opportunities for the users, because it’s possible now, not only to hear the signals from the stations, but also to see them on a screen of the SDR-program. It is also possible to record the signal from the air and to reproduce it into the air back. Small number of the components reduces the level of noise floor.
Table 1 – Technical characteristics
Transmit power, P.E.P. W
1, 30(RMS)
Receiver Frequency Range, MHz
1 – 60
IMD3, not worth than, dB
Supply voltage range, V
Enclosure dimensions, mm                                            160х160х50

SunSDR is a PC device, which in connection with SDR program represents the full value transceiver. Anodic robust aluminum case doesn’t conduct electricity, which prevents from possible shorts if bared wire hits the case. This device has a built-in protection from polarity reversal. Mounted Jack 6,3 mm connectors possess qualitative electric contact, a factor which makes lower quadrature disbalance. High-speed USB 2.0 interface is used for transceiver’s control.

Figure 1. SunSDR connection to PC

SunSDR electronic part is executed on one two-layer PCB. Due to this engineering solution the device has certain advantages: greater reliability, small enclosure dimensions and weight. The amount of digital lines on a PCB were reduced because of mounting on the card CPLD. Therefore it makes lower the level of noise pickups from digital chains (because now they are placed inside CPLD crystal). It should be also noted a low level of the carrier frequency transmitter (lower than -55 dB), reached by right component layout of mixer and transmitting tract topology. Band LPFs (low-pass filter) are executed on a ceramic chip coils. Using such technology allows to make lower the level of intermodulation distortion transceiving tract and makes higher a receiving dynamic range.

Receiver has 5 gain levels, which are switched from the program ExpertSDR. Each gain level defines receiver’s sensitivity. Receiver’s measurements with the soundcard M-AUDIO – Audiophile 192 are shown in tables 2 and 3.

Table 2 – Receiver’s sensitivity at the frequency 28.000 MHz
Preamplifier levels
Sensitivity, uV       Sensitivity, dBm
Preamp High + RF.Amp 0.02 -141
Preamp High 0.028 -138
Preamp Med 0.1 -127
Preamp Low 0.056 -132
Preamp Off 0.158 -123
Table 3 - Receiver’s sensitivity at the frequency 14.200 MHz
Preamplifier levels           Sensitivity, uV        Sensitivity, dBm  
Preamp High + RF.Amp 0.022 -140
Preamp High 0.05 -133
Preamp Med 0.178 -122
Preamp Low 0.071 -130
Preamp Off 0.199 -121
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